Reasons To Consign

Why choose us?

For Starters, We've Been Doing This For Over 30 Years.

The new year always reminds us the need to get organized, clear out our living spaces, only keep what we love, and what better way to do so than consigning your unwanted furniture, accessories,  designer items, and collectible items like gold, silver, coins, fine art, estate jewelry, and alike. 

Often when people are wanting a change in their decor, they will consign their items to make room for the new items to follow. Consignment serves as a way of recouping some of your investment. A form of recycling and a great way to free up space. People will recall when they first moved into their home how it seemed so large, but after many years, it doesn’t look so big with all the items accumulated. 

Regardless of what you are consigning with us, from furnishings to fine art, or classic cars to fine jewelry, we take care of everything.  We do all the moving, storing, shipping, and managing the payment so no strangers ever come to your house. We take care of everything from beginning to end. 

Our buyers look to us regularly for all types of items we currently have on consignment. We also keep a record of things that people are waiting to become available, like (fine jewelry, art, designer items, etc.) so call us and see if we are a good match for you. We don’t mind if you want to “pick our brain”, as we are here to help. We are happy to share all we’ve learned in our 30 years in the industry.

Tastes change, so should your decor and personal style. Consignment passes along quality goods and makes room for the new.  Here’s to 2019. Pull the trigger on the items that no longer thrill you like they once did. Think of how tickled you will be when your new replacement items are purchased with your consignment funds!

Leave the work to us.  We’ll take care of everything.

"Happiness is living in a space you love!"

We consign all types of items.

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